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Community. Love. Gratitude. Peace.

As I sit here early morning, reflecting on the past few days spent at a fabulous yoga retreat, I feel it’s important to take a moment to write down my immediate thoughts.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a yoga retreat at Atlantic Beach, hosted by Meghan Barnard Yoga. This was my first retreat and I came with no expectations. I love yoga and I love the beach, so I figured I’d enjoy this.

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Weight Limits.

Weight. Even the word is heavy. It holds countless connotations, impacting each person differently.

Some people may see the word and think of a struggle. Maybe a lifelong journey of trying to lose or maintain a certain weight. Others might look at it as an obstacle that’s holding them back from getting what they want in life or just a perceived heaviness.

Being the first aerial yoga instructor in my area, I get asked a lot of questions. Aside from the number one question of, “Am I going to fall out of this thing?” is the next question of, “What is the weight limit?” Followed by, “I never see pictures of bigger women online.”

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