#Fly4Summer Instagram Challenge!

#fly4summer: June 21-27

Having participated in dozens of Instagram challenges, I am stoked to host #fly4summer! Designed to highlight the wonderful benefits of self love, expression and all that is yoga and aerial art, I hope you will participate. It’s all about the *feels* so look inside yourself and share what poses bring out your best! Aside from the fun, you’ll also have the chance to win some amazing prizes! Can’t wait to see what you have in store!
— Erika Bennett, Owner of Hang Out Yoga
Official Challenge Post to Share

Official Challenge Post to Share

Daily prompts

Be creative and most importantly have fun! For each day, showcase a yoga pose or flow (ground or aerial) in which you feel the following:

  • Day 1: Balanced
  • Day 2: Flexible
  • Day 3: Strong
  • Day 4: Confident
  • Day 5: Like a Kid
  • Day 6: Beautiful
  • Day 7: Challenged

How to enter

  1. Share the official challenge post and tag two friends
  2. Follow all hosts and sponsors 
  3. Use #fly4summer and tag all hosts and sponsors each day (this is so we can see and track) To make it easy, you can copy and paste from here: #fly4summer @finfunmermaid @hangupyoga @hangoutyoga @sherrie.jjones @luxusactivewear @meredithismia @missninjacookie @pigaone @sutherlandyoga @thespaaestheticsvaldosta @yogikimg
  4. Post all seven days by June 30
  5. Be active in the challenge, support your fellow participants by engaging in their posts
  6. All details are located here or in the bio link of @hangoutyoga
  7. One participant will be selected for each of the prizes below, meaning there are multiple chances to win! 


  • @hangoutyoga 
  • @sherrie.jjones

Sponsors & prizes

The #fly4summer challenge wouldn't be possible without all of our great partners! Be sure to check them out and show them some love!

  • @finfunmermaid : A pair of mermaid leggings
  • @hangupyoga : A 5.5 yard tie-dyed silk
  • @hangoutyoga : A 10-class pass and tank
  • @luxusactivewear : A high-end athletic outfit
  • @meredithismia: $200 off the Find Your Wings Aerial Yoga Adventure
  • @missninjacookie : An art rendering of one of your photos
  • @pigaone : A PigaONE footwrap
  • @sutherlandyoga : An 11-class pass and water bottle
  • @thespaaestheticsvaldosta : Spa signature facial
  • @yogikimg : Essential Oils pack to awaken your senses

Anyone viewing or using the information above waive all liability claims against Hang Out Yoga, LLC or any other hosts or sponsors in the #fly4summer challenge. Use of the content may result in injury or death. No amount of care, concern or knowledge can eliminate risks in aerial yoga activities. Use your equipment at your own risk!  It is always best to practice with a friend or under the supervision of a trained professional at a studio.

Erika Bennett