Community. Love. Gratitude. Peace.


As I sit here early morning, reflecting on the past few days spent at a fabulous yoga retreat, I feel it’s important to take a moment to write down my immediate thoughts.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a yoga retreat at Atlantic Beach, hosted by Meghan Barnard Yoga. This was my first retreat and I came with no expectations. I love yoga and I love the beach, so I figured I’d enjoy this.

But wow, just wow. What I received over those three days was FAR greater than I had imagined.


I found SO MUCH GRATITUDE. I consider myself a very grateful person by nature, but this took it to another level. As a professional, teacher, business owner, wife, mom, etc… I stay so busy. Getting away from the routine allowed me to experience gratitude differently, so much so I was often brought to tears.

I found SO MUCH PEACE. That peace ultimately resulted in rest, much needed rest. Melting into the earth, surrendering to my breath, to the beauty that is life. Pushing myself by letting go. It’s a powerful concept for someone like my self who has to control everything.

I found COMMUNITY. It’s one thing to spend time with people who love what you love. But it’s another thing to spend time loving them. Every person there was beautiful, radiant. It was an honor to be among them.


I found LOVE, renewed and expanded love. We’ve all heard the saying open your heart. I felt mine grow exponentially. I can’t explain the dimension of this as it’s a very personal journey, that again ignites my gratitude.

I write all this to hopefully motivate you to take care of yourself. By taking care of yourself, you open up areas of growth that are important. Areas that ultimately allow you to better serve others.