An aerial yoga hammock provides support. It's a prop, like a strap or block, intended to assist alignment, deepen awareness and provide the immediate benefit of spinal decompression.

As humans we need support, specifically the support of others. Elder M. Russel Ballard said, "Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause."


I've always been one to try to do everything on my own. But that's just not possible when it comes to opening a business. I needed support.

Yesterday, the Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the new studio and I was overwhelmed with support. I'd felt it over the past months, but this event was different. The feelings of support really came crashing down on me as I genuinely saw it among the faces and felt it in the hearts of those in the room.

I was surrounded by family, friends, mentors, and ambassadors.... all wishing prosperity for Hang Out Yoga. All wishing prosperity for my dream. That is powerful.

Of course, my immediate response is I don't deserve this. But then I remember what I tell my clients and I was reminded that I do. I deserve to feel accomplished from hard work. Why are we so quick to diminish that feeling?

So I embraced it, and it felt lovely.

Now back to support, because I didn't get anywhere on my own.

With the weight of the body partially or fully supported in the yoga sling, along with the help of gravity, students can explore and create space in their bodies. Without the compression of the joints and spine, students can achieve proper posture and alignment through relaxation rather than effort.

I had created my very own hammock of support which allowed me to explore my potential and create space for my own improvement and growth. This hammock is made of my husband, sons, friends, family, clients, mentors, and other professionals.

My students find a more balanced and unencumbered expression of each pose via the support of the sling. Similarly, I found a more balanced and unencumbered expression of life.

Erika Bennett