Opening Doors


When one door closes, another opens... all you have to do is walk in. 

I walked into this journey with no expectations, just a little faith. That faith has made me acutely aware of divine intervention, which in this case has played out like the butterfly effect.

It just takes one action. One decision to do something different. Setting in motion situations and more decisions as you proceed along your path.

There are a few concepts I've really tried to embrace lately and I'll share them below.

Making peace with change quickly. The only thing constant, is change. You may prepare for many things. But you can't prepare for everything. So when the unexpected crops up because it will, how will you respond? Will you let the change define you negatively? Or will you embrace the change for what it is, and work it to your benefit? 

Being open and honest. I've always been an open person, candidly sharing my most difficult times to anyone who'll listen. Why? Because if talking about my mistakes, saves one person from feeling the resulting pain is it not worth it? Communicating our experiences allows us to internalize and process them, diminishing their power. Events, good or bad, develop your testimony. But can a testimony be beneficial if no one hears it?

Letting go. Release everything you thought you knew to make room for your discoveries. Let go of the preconceived ideas you've been told and open up to your own understanding. While letting go may feel like losing control, is it not your decision to let go? And by this point in your life, haven't you noticed once you let things go, they have a way of working themselves out. It may not have been what you wanted or needed but you are better for it. 

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Now this is frightening, but also the most rewarding. The key is not trying to position yourself as the all-knowing human that has everything together. But instead, exuding the exact opposite. Never being afraid to learn something new from someone new. You'll actually be surprised by what you can glean from others once this atmosphere is created. 

End result: growth, strength, understanding. I'm not saying it's easy, nor am I an expert. Many times it requires a conscious effort, but the more aware you are, the more conditioned you become. 

With all of this being said. I'm excited to announce that Hang Out Yoga, LLC will be operating out of a new studio located in Christy Howell Medical Aesthetics on 3308 Country Club Road in Valdosta. While I absolutely adore my home-based studio, this opportunity arose and I've decided to allow it to take flight. I will still offer private classes at my home, but group classes will be held at the new studio.

The new studio is larger to accommodate slightly more people and the ceilings are higher allowing more poses and flows. I appreciate the support and encouragement of my clients and friends and invite you to come see the new place.