suspend all worries.

Experience the phenomenon of aerial yoga, which uses anti gravity flow to deliver a full body workout that enhances flexibility and strength, builds confidence, increase lymphatic circulation, releases fear, and relieves stress. Sign up for a class with Hang Out Yoga, LLC today.

Why Aerial Yoga?

Enjoy a new challenge? Take your workout to new levels with aerial yoga!

Exercise the Whole Body

Because you are suspended in the air, you have more space to move around. This allows you to experience a total body workout while easily using multiple body parts at once.

Enhance Your Breathing

Yoga requires deep and controlled breathing, which is even more important while elevated. A good breathing technique will allow you to move into new poses, or gain deeper poses.

Ease Your Pain & Increase Flexibility

The increased stretching coupled with pressure from the slings releases muscle tension. Because you have more space to move, you can master poses that aren't possible on the ground, stretching your body in new ways. 

Better Mood & Confidence, Less Stress

It's no secret, exercise makes you feel better. This is due to increased oxygen to your brain and the release of joyful brain chemicals. The act of yoga quiets your mind, which is especially helpful if you are stressed or anxious. Don't be intimidated, once you master a few moves you will be elated. Be sure to share your experience with others!